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Taking Care Of Your Personalised jewellery

For a long time, jewellery has become a part of people’s lives. Back then, jewellery pieces were crucial in identifying family legacy and rank within society. Today, it has evolved into an expression of one’s personality. Regardless of the reason behind owning personalised jewellery, it is natural that you want it to last for a long time. 

However, taking care of your jewellery might seem intimidating and complicated. But, with these things to remember, taking care of your precious pieces of jewellery would not need too much effort.

Take Off Your Jewellery Before Showering Or Applying Make-Up, Lotion, Or Perfume.

One of the most straightforward reminders that most people forget is to take off your jewellery before showering or applying makeup, lotion, or perfume. These bathroom essentials are meant to keep you fresh and clean, but these are not for your jewellery as the chemicals in these products can bring harm and damage to your jewellery pieces.

Be Smart About Safekeeping

If you want to keep the shine and beauty of your jewellery, proper storage is the way to go. It is essential to keep your jewellery pieces in a safe box and make sure they will not get tangled. Aside from proper storage, you can also purchase anti-tarnish strips to help protect and prevent your jewellery from losing its lustre.

Never Sleep In A Jewellery

It is not advisable to sleep with jewellery if you want to take good care of it. If you lose a stone while you are wearing it in your sleep, it can cause stress and hassle. Aside from this, it can also hurt you as necklaces can get tangled, and you might get pierced by the earrings.

Avoid Exposing Your Jewellery To Heat

Constant exposure to sun or heat can bring unnecessary alterations to your jewellery, such as fading colours of gemstones or metals getting warped or bent easily. While wearing your jewellery during summertime is no problem, it is crucial to keep in mind that you need to keep your jewellery in the dark to avoid damage.

Mind The Drains

While this advice may seem simple, it is necessary to take off your jewellery before dealing with sinks and open drains. Jewellery pieces are usually small, and they can easily slip down the drain if you paid no attention to them.

For more information about taking care of your jewellery, here is an infographic provided by The Charming Jewellery Store.


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