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13 Common Terms Used In The Sneakers Fashion 

Sneakers have been gaining popularity through the years. Its fame reaches a bunch of people who even became sneakerheads. Other than them, you might also not even live with a pair of kicks. But, is it enough just to buy one, or would it be better to know more about these sneakers?

To get more familiar, try learning the popular terms associated with the sneakers fashion. Here are the top 13 common terms about sneakers.

Colorways. It refers to the various colors utilized in a sneaker’s design.

Cop. It is an act of buying something, in this case, sneakers.

High-top. It emphasizes where the lace the sneaker ends or the length of the sneakers around the ankle. In high-top sneakers, it is above the ankles. Sometimes high-top kicks get the same vibe as boots.

Hypeyourbeast. It is a reliable online store, offering shoe collections like Jordan 1 Og Carmine. It also sells shoe accessories and other streetwear products. However,  Hypeyourbeast mainly provides shoes and sneakers products for men.

Kicks. It is used to describe sneakers, or known as the other term for sneakers.

Limited-edition. Some are limited-edition pairs that are usually given to the designers’ friends and family or partners.

Low-top. It is the shortest and lowest size of ankle length. The sneaker’s height is just below the ankle bone. It is the most common type of sneakers, allowing socks to appear when you are wearing any.

Mid-top. Another type of ankle-length sneaker is the mid-top. It is the size between the high and low levels of ankle length. It has the least number of collections,  but it still showcases impressive style on your feet.

OGs. It is an abbreviated term for “Originals.” Original releases are the first time a style/colorway of a sneaker was introduced. OGs include retro and re-releases.

Pack. It is known to be the group or collection of sneakers that have the same release date. Most commonly,  a pack consists of the same style and sneaker designs but has various color combinations.

Retail Price. It refers to the price of the sneakers around the market. It could be in different outlets and physical stores or online footwear shops like Hypeyourbeast.

Retro. It is the retrospective release of an old colorway. Sometimes, it has the same hues from the original but added a few innovations or minor changes to update the colorway.

Streetwear. It refers to the clothing fashion perfect for sneakers. Usually, it focuses on the very casual attire that you can wear across the street. However, it keeps your look extra stylish with a pair of kicks on your feet.

Here is an example of how to use these popular terms:

Jordan 1 Og Carmine is a pair of kicks with the red, black, and white colorway. These high-top sneakers bring out a gorgeous original and retro vibe. It even allows you to enjoy pairing it with various streetwear outfits to complete your OOTD. To further witness the impeccable designs and shoe quality of Jordan 1 Og Carmine, cop and order them now through Hypeyourbeast.com.

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