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How to Identify Phishing Websites?

Scammers use text messages or email to trick individuals to share their details. These fraudsters might try stealing your account numbers, security numbers, passwords, and other details. When they get these details, access to your bank account and email is easier for them. But then the question arises, how to find out if the website is genuine or a scam? This is an extremely relevant and the most significant query that will be solved in the post below.

A few of the ways to identify a phishing website have been highlighted below for your reference so that you do not fall in for such traps.

  • Check URL: To begin with, you have to check the link before visiting any site. There are several fraud links available that are mixed up with genuine links to trick the individuals. If you wish to rely on online shop, then always be cautious while visiting any website. Check the URL. If it starts with HTTP then know that it’s fake and the genuine website URL would start with HTTPS.
  • Online reviews: The next way to find out if the website is genuine is by looking in at the online reviews. These reviews are of the people who would have already visited the site and hence shared their experience accordingly. If you find most of the reviews to be negative stating the website a scam then do not visit the site.
  • Generic greeting: Fraudsters usually send hundreds of scam emails at a time. Interestingly, they are not exactly aware of the names of these hundred people. They might have other details like email. Hence, these emails generally will not have your name mentioned at the top. They would have a generalized greeting such as ‘Dear Member’ or ‘Dear Customer.
  • Payment method: Different website prefers different payment methods. You have to ensure that the website you are accessing has a safe payment method. Let’s say, you wish to do online clothes shopping, then after the selection of the outfits, you would be taken to another page for payment. Do not enter any bank details until you are sure of the method.

Online shopping is an amazing option but it also has its downfall. Interestingly, all these downfalls could be averted with the use of some intelligence. You just need to be careful and on alert while using any website. With a little carefulness, online shopping can bring a lot of fun and save a hefty amount.

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