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All you want to know about hemp clothing and fabrics!

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are high that you have heard some great things about hemp fabric. Contrary to what many of us think, hemp fabric is not new and has been around for centuries. There is enough evidence of hemp clothing use in ancient civilizations, especially in countries in Egypt. Today, you have brands like PsychonautFashion hemp clothing that offer the best of options. In this post, we are sharing more on what you need to know about hemp fabric before trying this amazing option. 

What exactly is hemp fabric?

For the unversed, hemp fabric refers to fabric that is made of fibers from hemp plant. Hemp belongs to the same family of plants as cannabis. Hemp fabrics were initially used at a large scale for industrial needs, but in recent years, the popularity of the material as a natural fiber has increased manifold. Brands are also making clothes that include both organic cotton and hemp fabric, primarily because hemp clothing can feel rough on its own. 

Should you switch to hemp clothing?

So much has been written about fast fashion and the misuse of synthetic fabrics. The environmental impact of synthetic clothing materials cannot be denied. Hemp clothing comes as an eco-friendlier choice for consumers, who are keen on reducing the impact of their fashion choices on the planet. There are also several other benefits of hemp clothing that cannot be ignored. Firstly, hemp is naturally pest resistant, which means that when hemp is grown, the pesticide use can be minimized or avoided entirely, and that can reduce environmental concerns further. Not to forget, hemp fiber is stronger and more durable than most other natural fibers, and this is a sustainable option that’s also renewable. You can easily wash hemp fabric in the washing machine, and the look and feel of the fabric only gets better with more use. 

Find the right brand

Not all companies that are selling hemp fabrics and clothing are genuine, so do your homework and ensure that you select a brand that’s worth your trust. Also, check the range of clothing they have on offer. Just because you are choosing hemp fabric over other options, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the fashion choices either. Some brands have entirely revamped hemp clothing ideas and have come up with their own set of designs and trends. 

This is a fashion idea you cannot miss. 

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